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Michael Crespin


Hi there! I'm a passionate digital video filmmaker and creative professional who thrives on weaving captivating stories through the fusion of imagery and sound, aiming to evoke deep emotional connections with my audience.

My journey began in Utah, where I spent my formative years before graduating from High School. Fuelled by my passion for storytelling and visual arts, I ventured to Illinois and refined my skills at the Illinois Institute of Art, specializing in Directing and Digital Video Production.

My diverse portfolio speaks volumes about my versatile expertise, Embracing an extensive range of endeavors, including video marketing, wedding videography, short films, fashion shoots, product showcases, commercials, documentaries, and creative direction.

Living in the creative scene of Los Angeles for several years broadened my horizons and enriched my craft. However, I eventually found myself drawn back to the breathtaking beauty and creative energy of Colorado, where I currently reside.

Through my work, I strive to utilize the fusion of sight and sound in visual storytelling, aiming to create narratives that deeply connect with audiences across different mediums. Each project is a canvas through which I aim to spark emotions, provoke thoughts, and create lasting impressions.

I'd love to connect with you through storytelling and creativity as I continue to push the boundaries of digital video filmmaking, always striving to generate powerful, emotive responses through my art.

PC: KHofmeist Media
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